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Are Red Pledge pages secure?

Red Pledge is a Level 1 PCI compliant Gateway. You can be confident that your funds are delivered quickly and securely without any additional tools or fees.

What will my form look like?

Your Red Pledge form will match your brand, entirely. Each page is wrapped in your design and functionality. You won't have to worry about your donors feeling unsafe and concerned. Even though it will seem as if your page is a part of your website; your Red Pledge page will be hosted on our servers so that they will be fully Level 1 PCI compliant and secure.

Will the donations be FEC compliant?

Our forms are created with campaigns in mind. We know the donation levels and information that will be required for your campaign. Your campaign can be confident that each donation will be within full FEC compliance.

When can I begin collecting donations?

Average account creation takes 7 -10 business days. During this time, your merchant account is established and the custom donation form is designed and created. Once your account is established and secure, your team will be given a complete walkthrough of the Red Pledge system so that you can begin utilizing all the tools on Day 1.

When will my donations appear in my bank account?

Donations are batched daily and will typically appear in your account in 48 hours. Many competing services will only allow for weekly batches, or even monthly bathes. With Red Pledge you can be sure that your funds will be available as soon as you need them.

Can I collect donation information and input them myself?

We understand that some donors would prefer to hand their information over to your Finance Director or Fundraiser instead of donating online. Each Red Pledge account is established with a Virtual Terminal, allowing you to manually enter each donation if you choose.

Why should I choose Red Pledge over PayPal?

PayPal will allow your campaign to collect debit/credit card donations. After that, you're on your own. The Red Pledge system will allow your campaign to create money bombs, create events, enter donations through a Virtual Terminal, create a custom branded form, and many other customizable features. Our system is set up with campaigns in mind, every report is created to be compliant and seamless for every user.

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